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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Apache::Registry HEAD request also return document body
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2004 15:19:26 GMT

Geoffrey Young wrote:
> in the meanwhile, if you give me until
> the start of the week I will adjust Apache::HEADRegistry so that the test
> suite is functional and review the code so we can begin to explore if that
> module is a real option for you.

ok, I've updated the tests and reviewed the code in Apache::HEADRegistry.
you can find it here:

with the exception of redirect responses (which there is really no way to
fix via an extension like this) I think it looks ok.  at least ok enough for
you to test on your own.  if the tests do not accurately reflect the kind of
interface you are using in your scripts, please feel free to add a short
test that mimics your approach and I'll integrate it.  please note that the
goal in this module is to fix HEAD requests a la mod_cgi emulation - if
you're using the mod_perl API ($r, etc) in your Registry scripts then you
don't need this since you can just check $r->header_only yourself.

if things look good, I'll make it official and upload to CPAN.


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