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From Perrin Harkins <>
Subject Re: mod_perl presence at OSCON (and other CONs) is at danger
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2004 03:29:43 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> It so appears that in the last few years we get less and less mod_perl 
> talks and tutorials at the big (non-YAPC) conferences. And that's a bad 
> trend. It certainly affects the number of mod_perl job offers, since 
> those who decide which technology to choose for their next project go to 
> those big conferences and chances are very high that they will pick the 
> technology that had a dominating presense in terms of tutorials and 
> presentations.

I have seen both you and Geoff give talks at various conferences, and 
have always learned something new.  I would recommend talks and 
tutorials by either of you to anyone interested in learning more about 

I don't see the same gloomy story in the conferences this year though. 
It seems likely to me that nearly every talk about web-related uses of 
Perl will talk about mod_perl in some way.  Even Vivek's talk which has 
PersistentPerl in the title will probably mention whether or not the 
techniques are all equally applicable to mod_perl.

mod_perl is no longer a new tchnology that people need lots of help to 
understand; it is now the accepted standard for building any serious web 
application in Perl.  The result is that there is less talk about 
mod_perl itself and more about what people are doing with it.  This is 
partly due to the work that you and others have done over the last few 
years: good books and on-line documentation are now available to teach 
people mod_perl, and even survey books like Perl Cookbook cover it.

These days, nearly every web-related job posted on asks 
for mod_perl experience.  That's a good sign of success to me, and is a 
lot different from how things were a few years ago.  Thanks to you and 
Geoff for your ongoing efforts in support of mod_perl and this community.

- Perrin

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