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From Shannon Eric Peevey <>
Subject Re: AuthCookieNTLM and browser hangs
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 11:03:03 GMT

>>We are testing AuthCookieNTLM to secure our Intranet. We are running Apache
>>1.3, mod_perl, and AuthCookieNTLM. Our requests are also rewritten using
>>mod_rewrite. If we hit the server quickly enough, and with enough requests,
>>the browsers start to hang. This problem only occurs in our UAT environment,
>>while the module works really well in dev.
>>Some of our users are logged into a different domain and do get prompted for
>>their credentials on the domain we authenticate against. However, if enough of
>>these users attempt to log in to the intranet at once, the browsers start to
>>hang during the authentication process. Once one browser is hung, I can point
>>a new browser window at our intranet and the first browser window kicks back
>>into life, and the new browser window hangs. 
>>It seems like the lock is getting stuck somewhere. Once the authentication is
>>complete, and the authentication cookie issued, the user can continue to
>>browse the intranet successfully.
>>Has anybody else experienced a similar problem with this module?
Gerald wrote this in the body of the module:

    # we cannot attach our object to the connection record. Since in
    # Apache 1.3 there is only one connection at a time per process
    # we can cache our object and check if the connection has changed.
    # The check is done by slightly changing the remote_host member, which
    # persists as long as the connection does
    # This has to be reworked to work with Apache 2.0

I'm assuming that this can be fixed in a threaded mpm,  but haven't 
looked into it yet.  At this time, the only way to work around this 
would be to shorten the:

=head2 PerlSetVar ntlmsemtimeout

it defaults to 2 seconds, but can be specified.  Try that, and let us know if you see some


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