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From James G Smith <JGSm...@TAMU.Edu>
Subject Re: Why I use mod_perl (PR stuff)
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 22:17:23 GMT
Chris Shiflett <> wrote:
>--- James G Smith <JGSmith@TAMU.Edu> wrote:
>> PHPUnit is available, first release was April, 2002.  First
>> production release was mid-March, 2004.
>I didn't say this stuff was old or mature, just that it exists. :-) Truly,
>PHP feels like it is just now reaching the maturity level that Perl
>enjoyed as much as 10 years ago or more. Of course, Perl is much older, so
>this is to be expected somewhat.

No problem.  PHPUnit is something I would look at for new development
on my end though.

>> Didn't find anything for `embedded documentation'
>There is PHPDoc, which is basically the same thing as JavaDoc. Perl's
>options may be much better, but you can poke around on a site that uses
>PHPDoc here:

Cool.   I'll keep it in mind.

>> Didn't find anything that indicated I could choose to require
>> variable declarations before referencing them.
>PHP handles this sort of thing with error reporting. A reference to an
>undefined variable throws a notice, and by default, PHP's error reporting
>doesn't alert you to notices (only warnings and above).
>A common recommendation is to develop with error_reporting set to E_ALL,
>and display_errors enabled (and of course to initialize all variables).
>Then, in production, log errors instead of display them (or in PHP 5, set
>up a more professional system altogether). At any rate, using E_ALL is
>basically the same thing as use strict.

This is definitely something I need.  Thanks for the pointers.
James Smith <JGSmith@TAMU.Edu>, 979-862-3725
Texas A&M CIS Operating Systems Group, Unix

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