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From Chris Shiflett <>
Subject Re: mod_perl presence at OSCON (and other CONs) is at danger
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 22:50:50 GMT
--- Frank Maas <> wrote:
> So the choice is for MP1 then. But this means installing Apache 1.3,
> not benefitting from new features and the guarantee that one is 
> using "ancient technique".

Well, for what it's worth, the situation is much the same in the PHP camp.
We still recommend using Apache 1.3 for any production use of PHP. Those
who insist on using Apache 2 have to use the pre-fork MPM. While PHP core
is thread-safe, many of the extensions (even bundled ones) are not.

So, I don't see the MP1/MP2 transition as a big problem for mod_perl.


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