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From "Cory C. Omand" <Cory.Om...@Sun.COM>
Subject URI without referer
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2004 20:04:44 GMT

I'm having some difficulties with $r->uri under MP2 + Apache 2.x.  I
need to get just the requested URI, not the referer, but whatever is
coming back from $r->uri is *not* letting me strip the referer
information.  For instance:

my $uri = $r->uri;
# $uri = 'http://blah/blah.txt, referer: http://blah/blah'

$uri =~ s/, referer:.*$//;
# $uri = 'http://blah/blah.txt, referer: http://blah/blah'

In the documentation for Apache::RequestRec, it says that $r->uri
returns a string, but the string it returns does *not* behave like a
string.  Even this fails:

my $comma_at = rindex($uri, ',');
# $comma_at = -1

So, how can I make the $uri behave like a string??

Thanks in advance,

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