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From <>
Subject Apache::MP3 Stream problem
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2004 21:42:24 GMT
This is my first question to the mod_perl list so I hope I do it right.
I have recently ported Apache::MP3 to work with mod_perl 2 on an apache2
webserver. Everything works right (display, downloading, etc) except the
streaming...sometimes. It seems that the first time a user logs on to
the site and clicks 'Stream' on any directory or file, it will work, but
any attempts after that it goes to a standard 404 playlist.m3u page not
found error. That's all there is in the Apache log as well. Sometimes it
won't stream at all and sometimes it will work more than once. Any ideas
as to why this would happen? One thought I had was that the shared files
are on a separate windows box and are shared via Samba. If the playlist
is actually temporarily created then there might be a permission problem
with the directories shared via Samba and the webserver is not allowed
to create a file there. However, sometimes the streaming does work so
I'm not sure if that make sense. I've taken a class in perl but I don't
know it well enough to tell if the m3u file is actually created
somewhere or just sent directly to the user. I'd give out a user/pass to
the site but that might be bordering on illegal because the music can be
downloaded. If somone thinks they need access then I'll figure out a way
to disable the downloading but allow the streaming so it can be tested.
Thanks in advance.


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