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Subject Re: Why I use mod_perl (PR stuff)
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 15:09:18 GMT
James G Smith <JGSmith@TAMU.Edu> wrote:


> The conclusion seems to be that PHP is nice for small systems and
> applications, but for larger, more complex  projects, mod_perl is the
> only one of the two that can compete with the expectations coming
> from the Java side (which, as much as we may hate being compared to
> Java, we have to address if we are going to make headway in shops
> that are already using Java).  Perhaps we can find ways to leverage
> that.
> -- 

This is also what I am trying to suggest. Back to your other post 
yesterday, I may propose that you go directly to the XHTML and use
libXML to parse data into it. The modern browsers (the latest IE and 
Mozilla) themselves understant XSLT tranlation and so even this parsing 
may not be needed.

Pod Merl  

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