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Subject Re: mod_perl presence at OSCON (and other CONs) is at danger
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 23:17:39 GMT
> --- wrote:
> > BTW, I programmed a mod_perl based BBS system for a site. It got
> > almost 200,000 (!) unique IP hits every day with the dual set-up
> > (plain apache + mod_perl). This might be an example where others
> > such as php and java servlet can't compete. Right?
> Not in my opinion. Both PHP and mod_perl are mature enough that
> performance differences are more likely to be due to the design of an
> application rather than the language it is written in.

agree, that the design is very important.

> I've written applications in PHP that currently handle over 10 million
> requests a day (the environment consists of four servers), and there's
> still room to grow. With a compiler cache and an intelligent design
> (including data storage), PHP can handle just about anything (look at
> Yahoo).

This is great. I actually did not have data on hand as how many hits the php
can handle. This is amazing. For your reference, mine is 1 server :-)
(but dual plain+mod_perl setup), and pretty a good-runner in Alexa.

> I personally think mod_perl's strengths are in its rich feature set. Only
> after watching a few of Geoff's talks (and one of Stas's) did I realize
> exactly what PHP developers are missing. They speak about things like
> ties, closures, and globs. Plus, PHP is limited to the content generation
> phase, so mod_perl has a pretty big advantage there. Geoff describes
> mod_perl as the Apache API in Perl. While this is probably obvious to all
> of you, it's not something I realized on my own.
> Of course, CPAN is also a pretty big trump card. :-)
> Chris

As in my other post, it seems more proper a comparison between an
mod_perl based application server and php. Theoretically, mod_perl can
make one that have all the advantages in php (fast to run,
and easy to program), XML (universal data parsing), and MVC (seperating
code, data, and presentation)

Pod Merl

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