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Subject Re: Fw: Re: mod_perl presence at OSCON (and other CONs) is at danger
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 22:48:54 GMT
It depends how to define "programming language". It seems more properly 
a comparison between php and Mason because mod_perl itself is the Apache
API in Perl language. For newbies, this API is indeed hard to program with.

My 2 cents is that mod_perl lacks an "established" application server/tookits
so for a serious web application, programmers have to rely mostly on the original 
API to get the full benifit. While there sevearl great application tools like
mason, ePerl, TT etc., yet, none of them is as "established" as php at the moment 
(in the sense: easy to write, support, coder community, code samples etc.)

Occasionally, I thought we might start up with a new application server that 
has features like these: 1) MVC model; 2) XHTML templates; 3) backend
programming based on XML (e.g. parsing parameters like STRUTS), so other
java, .NET applications can be translated as easy as possible; 4) some
special cares on the places where mod_perl may be weak (such as memory
usuage), so there might be a few special C modules for things like 
system-wide authentication. and so on.

Well, my random thoughts....

Pod Merl

> Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 16:53:48 -0500
> From: Frank Wiles <>
> To: Perrin Harkins <>
> Subject: Re: mod_perl presence at OSCON (and other CONs) is at danger
> > > In my opinion mod_perl definitly needs a lot of extra PR.
> > 
> > My intention was that mod_perl would be talked about in the larger
> > context of Perl, as the standard way to build web apps.  There could
> > be an ad promoting web development with mod_perl, one promoting
> > Bioinformatics use, one promoting use in financial companies, one for
> > sysadmin and DBA use, etc.
> > 
> > If you notice, no one talks about mod_php.  Instead they talk about
> > PHP.  That's because mod_php is just some glue code that lets you run
> > PHP in apache, just like mod_perl lets you run Perl.  I already run
> > into people who know Perl and think that mod_perl is some other
> > language they would have to learn, and that's not good.
>   I agree that we should work to make sure mod_perl is accurately 
>   portrayed and do our best to avoid misinterpretations that mod_perl
>   is a separate language, etc. 
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