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04/05/2004 19:25

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        Objet :        Re: mp2 Apache2.0.49 on HPUX11i : mod_perl does not load in Apache

>>>So you have a bunch of these errors:
>>>/usr/lib/pa20_64/ Unsatisfied code symbol
>> 'modperl_bucket_sv_create' in
>>>Is nm(1) working on your platform? If so, please try:
>>>nm /path/to/your/httpd | grep modperl_bucket_sv_create
>> It does not find modperl_bucket_sv_create in httpd file.

>Show us the linking output when it creates mod_perl.a. After the build is
>complete on my machine I'd do:

>% rm src/modules/perl/mod_perl.a

>% make
>cd "src/modules/perl" && make -f Makefile.modperl
>make[1]: Entering directory `/home/stas/'
>rm -f mod_perl.a
>ar crv mod_perl.a mod_perl.o modperl_interp.o modperl_tipool.o modperl_log.o
>modperl_config.o modperl_cmd.o modperl_options.o modperl_callback.o
>modperl_handler.o modperl_gtop.o modperl_util.o modperl_io.o
>modperl_io_apache.o modperl_filter.o modperl_bucket.o modperl_mgv.o
>modperl_pcw.o modperl_global.o modperl_env.o modperl_cgi.o modperl_perl.o
>modperl_perl_global.o modperl_perl_pp.o modperl_sys.o modperl_module.o
>modperl_svptr_table.o modperl_const.o modperl_constants.o
>modperl_apache_compat.o modperl_error.o modperl_hooks.o modperl_directives.o
>modperl_flags.o modperl_xsinit.o
>So you are after this line:
>a - modperl_bucket.o

Ok it is present


>% nm mod_perl.a | grep modperl_bucket_sv_create
>000001e2 T modperl_bucket_sv_create*

Here is the result :
[37]     |                     0|      92|FUNC |GLOB |0|   .text|modperl_bucket_sv_create

>So as you can see it has this symbol. You can check the original file as well:

>% nm modperl_bucket.o | grep modperl_bucket_sv_create
>000001e2 T modperl_bucket_sv_create
Here is the result :

[37]     |                     0|      92|FUNC |GLOB |0|   .text|modperl_bucket_sv_create