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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [mp1] subprocess_env and non-mod_perl handlers
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 21:41:46 GMT

John Wittkoski wrote:
> Geoffrey Young wrote on 5/4/04, 4:18 PM:
>  > not really.  but clearly you have some kind of problem.
> Doh! I definitely do, I think I'm it.
> Remember earlier when you said how in debugging you often find that you 
> are the bug? Well, I am the bug in this case. :-)


> In the process of trying to figure out why I wasn't seeing anything in 
> the subprocess_env table, I decided to take a look at the headers_in 
> table. And there it was.
> Turns out that the C handler I am using (for which I have limited docs) 
> is putting it's data into the headers_in table and not the 
> subprocess_env table. (Insert embarrassed big red face here.) Based on 
> everything I've read on handlers and the types of things being populated 
> (i.e. not headers from the client) the headers_in table didn't seem to 
> be the right place so I wasn't looking there.
> Sorry about that.

no problem at all :)

at least you know a little more about both your app and some apache/mod_perl
internals, so it was positive overall.


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