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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [mp1] subprocess_env and non-mod_perl handlers
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 20:18:56 GMT

> Geoff,
> So I haven't been able to get very far on the code to test this further, 
> but in the Eagle book I noticed this (section 9.1.4):
> "subprocess_env() is only required if you need to change the environment 
> in a subprocess launched by a different handler or module."

what this section is talking about is the ability of mod_perl to alter the
environment of other handlers, such as mod_php.  in those cases, you are
required to use subprocess_env.

> So what would happen if the C module is setting it's own ENV instead of 
> using ap_table_set? 

ou're thinking too hard :)  there is no ENV in C-land, really.  I mean,
there are ways to get to perl's %ENV via C but that's not what you say
you're doing.  so forget about %ENV for the moment - %ENV gets set
specifically my modules (mod_cgi, mod_perl, mod_php) based on the contents
of the subprocess_env table and has no bearing at all if you're accessing
the table directly.

> Would that explain why I can't see the value in the
> perl module using subprocess_env, but when I call void subprocess_env(),
> the value suddenly appears in %ENV and the subprocess table?

not really.  but clearly you have some kind of problem.  unfortunately I've
never seen this before and I don't see anything in the code to suggest what
your problem might be.  and if I can't reproduce it I can't solve it.

here are a few things to try though.

first, see if changing your calls make any difference.  that is, use
$r->subprocess_env->get() and $r->subprocess_env->set() instead of other
forms to remove the tie magic from the equation and see if that helps at all.

next I would try fiddling with PerlSetupEnv to see if that has some hidden
interaction with your reads.

you seem to know some C, so I'd try creating a C content handler and use
that to just dump the subprocess_env table.  you can use mod_example.c as a
guide.  if you can see the variable in your own content handler but not when
mod_perl is the content handler then I guess that at least verifies
something.  (what, I don't know :)

anyway, if you are able to reproduce the problem and roll it up into the
tarball I posted then I could fix whatever it is in mod_perl core that's
causing you harm.



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