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From "JupiterHost.Net" <>
Subject Re: mod_perl File Extension Configuration instead of a Path Configuration
Date Mon, 03 May 2004 16:39:40 GMT

petersm wrote:

> If you want to do something like this ... every file ending in .pl is run as
> an Apache::Registry (mod_perl 1) script you could do something like this in
> your httpd.conf
> [snip]
> PerlModule Apache::Registry
> AddHandler perl-script .mpl
> PerlHandler Apache::Registry
> [/snip]

Excellent thanks!

> This kind of setup is dangerous if you have users who can put .mpl scripts
> anywhere inside of the document tree 'cause those scripts will run with the

If they only have access to /home/user it would be cool right?
IE: it would be just as dangerouse as running a regular perl or shell or 
OTHER_LANGUAGE_HERE script in their home dir, correct?

> same permissions that your own scripts run with. If you can control the whole
> document tree it's not that bad. 

mod_perl scripts are run with the permissions of the user correct?
IE if Apache its 'nobody' or otherwsie (getpwuid($>))[0]

> Michael Peters
> Venzia
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> From: "JupiterHost.Net" <>
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> Sent: Mon, 03 May 2004 10:31:56 -0500
> Subject: Re: mod_perl File Extension Configuration instead of a Path Configuration
>>Sorry to top post...
>>So is it (the subject/original email below) impossible then?
>>Or is it possible just not advisable?
>>JupiterHost.Net wrote:
>>>Hello group!
>>>Super mod_perl newbie here :)
>>>I was wondering if its possible to setup mod_perl in httpd.conf with a
>>>File Extension Configuration instead of a Path Configuration.
>>>IE - everything with the .mpl extension is run under mod_perl instead of 
>>>everything in /perl/ being run under mod_perl...
>>>Something like:
>>>    AddHandler mod_perl-script .mpl
>>>If it is possible what benefits/problems/issues would there be to think 
>>>about vs a Path configuration?
>>>Where might I find good documentation about how to do this and what 
>>>issues you'd encounter/have to consider (I didn't see anything at 
>>> which I'm sure is my fault ;p )?
>>>Lee.M - JupiterHost.Net
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