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From Brad Bowman <>
Subject Re: mp guide: <Perl> sections -> leaks
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 00:51:12 GMT

> Thanks for the patch, Brad. But are you sure this is still the case with the 
> latest mp1? This thread that you've quoted is 4 years old. And it doesn't show 
> any code that may cause such a leak.

I'm reasonable sure I got the leaks with apache 1.3.27 and 
mod_perl 1.27.  I don't know about newer versions.

I've looked again and can't find the code I used, I think it
was defining a sub which was probably the leak.

> >>it's not a crime, but if you're running Perl code during restart there's a
> >>strong chance you'll be growing the server size.  i agree 1M is bizarre
> >>though.
> In which case this should probably mention:
> > +Also, be aware that <Perl> sections can also cause leaks during
> > +graceful restarts.  See the (sub)thread:
> > +
> "when running some perl code"? as in 'besides using <perl> sections to do 
> dynamic configuration'?

I took the "if you're running Perl code during restart" to include
dynamic configuration code.  I don't really understand the process
so I'll defer to you.  I'd just like to see <perl> sections mentioned
as a possible culprit.


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