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From Brad Bowman <>
Subject mp guide: <Perl> sections -> leaks
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 07:15:00 GMT

I've had problems with <Perl> sections causing leaks with
graceful restart, at least with some versions/setups of mod_perl.
I thought the problem should be noted in the guide.

A patch is attached for:

I no longer have my test code, it was a while ago.
Here's the link and mail exchange that confirmed my tests:

> >> > I have a static Solaris compilation, and have the same problems
> >> > where the parent seems to grow by 1M each HUP.
> >> 
> >> that's strange, do you have PerlFreshRestart On or some <Perl> sections?
> >> otherwise, kill -HUP with a static modperl is a noop.
> > 
> >You got me!  I have <Perl>  sections ... but I didn't know
> >it was such a crime.  Pretty bizarre behavior if you ask me.
> it's not a crime, but if you're running Perl code during restart there's a
> strong chance you'll be growing the server size.  i agree 1M is bizarre
> though.


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