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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Problem with modperl2/apache2/apreq2 upload
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2004 02:33:57 GMT
"Ken Burcham" <> writes:

>   I've been reading and trying things all day to no avail which 
> usually means I'm doing something stupid.  I have a perl apache 
> module running under Apache 2.0.48/Mod_perl 
> 1.99_13/libapreq2.02_02 and I'm trying to take a file upload.  
>   I'm getting a segfault whenever I call $req->upload with a 
> parameter:
> my $upload = $req->upload('somefilename');

That's certainly supposed to work, assuming 'somefilename' is
the name of the upload widget in your HTML form. Can you post 
a backtrace for the segfault?

> I can, however, call: my @uploads = $req->upload; and it returns 
> to me an array of parm names.  In apache1, a call to ->upload 
> would return to me just upload objects whereas in apache2 it is 
> apparently returning every param name on the form.  Is that 
> right?

That is correct.  In apache1 the uploads formed a linked list
internally, but that's no longer true in apreq2. In apreq2 
$req->upload follows the same interface pattern as $req->param.

Joe Schaefer

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