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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Getting help for MasonX::Apache2Handler
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 17:41:35 GMT

Fred Moyer wrote:
>> 2) Note that your libapreq2 had been installed under Apache2. This
>> scheme is used to isolate Apache2-specific code from Apache1 code.
>> On my machine I do not have Apache1 and everything is installed
>> w/o the Apache2 directory. The 'use Apache2 ();' directive prepends
>> direcories in the @INC array with Apache2/ (I think). Maybe my
>> Makefile.PL needs a 'use Apache2 ();' - but I am not sure what will
>> happen during the make and make install.
> Adding 'use Apache2 ();' to the Makefile.PL fixed the problem.  Thanks!

I think all CPAN modules for mp2 should use Apache2 in their Makefile.PL -
if mp2 is installed under Apache/ it does no harm, while without it Apache2/
installations will not get picked up.

of course, if a user has both Apache/ _and_ Apache2/ installs then neither
with nor without will be 100% accurate, but nothing is perfect...


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