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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Semi-newbie question.
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 01:09:55 GMT
for the record, it's best to keep this stuff on-list, that way everyone can
benefit :)

>>>doesn't work under mod_cgi,
>>hmm, are you sure?  that's not right.
> My bad-- that was wiout the PassEnv set. WIth PassEnv it does go through.


>>>and works
>>>under mod_php ONLY after a .mp script has been hit. I don't really get
> why
>>>this is.
>>I wouldn't expect mod_php to see arbitrary perl variables, so I'm quite
>>surprised it can see them at all.  hmm...
> It can see the environment with the PHP getenv() function. Which is the
> whole goal of doing this stuff. 

this one is my bad.  mod_perl populates the subprocess_env table, which both
 mod_cgi and mod_php take into consideration.  I was on crack, obviously :)

> It was the one specificlly set with
> PerlSetEnv that didn't work *until some mod_perl script had been hit. THat
> was just weird. (is just weird). But it simply means I'll use $ENV{WHATEVER}
> = "some value"; followed by PassEnv.

if you're using an older version of mod_perl 2.0 (1.99_12 or earlier, IIRC)
then this makes sense - it was a bug that was fixed with mod_perl 1.99_13.
if you're using mod_perl 1.0 then I have no idea - it's definitely not
right, so if you verify the behavior again I'll look into it.

>>you are, there are a few other books out there that should help clarify
>>things a bit for you:
> Thanks, but as I noted in my postscript to the post, I can't afford a book.
> I have to worry about where my naxk packet of ramen is coming from (no to
> mention where I'm going to live in a week -- it's hard to code under a
> bridge without a laptop and wireless network card -- and the latter would
> mostly only work because I'm in Portland).

I didn't read your post-script, so I'm sorry to hear that.  however, most of
the books listed have free online content, so their websites are still good
places to visit.  ours, at least, has 10 chapters (for some definition of
chapter) available for free.

HTH and good luck.


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