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From Kemin Zhou <>
Subject mod_perl and JavaScript
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2004 22:04:38 GMT
This is almost certainly caused by a bug in your perl code.  You are
probably unintentionally creating a closure.  If you post some code
here, we can help you spot the problem.

- Perrin
Earlier I posted a problem with HPPTD and mod_perl.
Thanks for Perrin's respons.  

Now I have the problem solved.
The bug is the classical problem with named subroutin inside another subroutine.

This is one shortcoming of mod_perl.  PHP would not have such a problem.

I was using the CGI object as a global variable

my $q = new CGI

do something ....

my $request = $q->param('request');
if ($request eq 'updateTable') {

sub updateDBTable {
	my $form_variable = $q->param('variable_name');

This code would have no problem at all if run as CGI script.
It it will be very bad under mod_perl.
So don't write this.  There are many solutions to this.

One of them is to pass $q as argument of the subroutine.  This is the one I used.

The problem looks as if a caching problem.  Because after the second run, the 
subroutine and the main program the $q-> will point to different forms.


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