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From "Gary C. New" <>
Subject [mp2] rflush failed test w/ Mandrake 9.2
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 23:43:26 GMT

You may have seen my post on the mod_perl list about rflush failed test 
with MP2.  I'm using Mandrake 9.2 and I heard that you use Mandrake with 
your mod_perl install.  Could you give me a brief synopsis of your 
mod_perl-2.0 setup on Mandrake?

I'm trying to build MP2 against Mandrake's stock perl-5.8.1 rpm and my 
own custom Apache2.  Everything seems to complete fine except the rflush 
test fails every time.  This is the ONLY test that fails.  I've tried 
updating against MODPERL_1_99_13 and HEAD with no success.  5005threads 
are undefined and ithreads are defined with the stock perl rpm.

The rflush test seems to fail at the very last line when it tries to 
compare the expected and received variables.  Is there any way to check 
these variables' output?

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.



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