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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject What's up with sessions? A::Session::Wrapper & A::SessionManager
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 21:49:03 GMT
Can someone please bring me up to date about development on Apache::Session and
Dave's A::Session::Wrapper and Enrico's A::SessionManager modules?

I saw a some discussion here a month or so back on updating Apache::Session
and on development of the session modules.  Are both Apache::Session::Wrapper 
and Apache::SessionManager still being developed or was there a plan to
create a new session manager module?

I've been using CGI::Session lately and like some of its features, but
now need something that will do a redirect cookie detection and fallback
to session ids prefixed in the URL.  And also something that will allow
cron to easily purge old orphaned sessions, regardless of the store.

I want to use a session manager module but I want to make sure I'm using
the right one.. ;)

Also, wasn't there also talk about moving moving away from a tied interface 
that Apache::Session uses?


Bill Moseley

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