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From "Joseph E. Sacco, Ph. D." <>
Subject Re: Old question: 'my_perl undeclared'
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 21:55:44 GMT

Good News...

Following the philosophy of "let sleeping dogs lie" I have replaced YDL's 
httpd-2.0.40 using SRPM's from the Fedora project [RedHat has developed a PPC 
branch. The new YDL maybe???]. 

With an installed version of httpd [2.0.49] that is acceptable to 
mod_perl-1.99_13,  mod_perl builds and tests without incident using a 
threaded version of perl-5.8.3.

The 'my_perl' undeclared problem seen when compiling versions of mod_perl  up 
through mod_perl-1.99_09 "went away".   Hmmm....

There was quite a bit of collateral damage from updating the httpd arising 
from new requirements and interdependencies with other  packages. 
* httpd-2.0.49-2.src.rpm
* apr-util-0.9.4-14.src.rpm
* apr-util-0.9.4-14.src.rpm
* mod_auth_mysql-20030510-4.1.src.rpm
* mod_auth_pgsql-2.0.1-4.1.src.rpm
* php-4.3.4-10.1.src.rpm 
  [still working on this one. A required package, elfutils, failed some of its
* and others I probably have not yet discovered... [:-)]
I used the source tarball from to build mod_perl-1.99_13

For icing on the cake... Request Tracker-3.0.9,

now works using either fastcgi-2.4.2 or mod_perl-1.99_13. 

The current recommendation for building RT with mod_perl is to use httpd-1.3.X 
and mod_perl1. Getting RT to work [meaning it comes up... I need to do 
further testing] with mod_perl2 is a score.  Life is good.

Be well,

On Monday 05 April 2004 11:55 am, you wrote:
> Joseph E. Sacco, Ph. D. wrote:
> > Geoff,
> >
> > Thanks for taking the time to respond.
> sure :)
> > mod_perl_08  is about as new a version of mod_perl  I can use given the
> > version of httpd, 2.0.40-21.3b, that I am running. I will update httpd in
> > the near future, but I suspect that I will encounter the same problem.
> well, 1.99_08 is much more recent than 1.99_05, so please give it a try -
> your problem may have something to do with this change
> from the looks of it this patch made it into 1.99_08 so it may help with
> the newer perl (post 5.8.0) you're using.
> other than that, once you upgrade your httpd and can try a more recent
> version of mod_perl, please report back if you are having problems.  a good
> place to start your report is with here:
> --Geoff

Joseph E. Sacco, Ph.D. <jsacco[at]earthlink[dot]net>
J.E. Sacco & Associates, Inc.

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