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From "Artem Koutchine" <>
Subject Re: Cannot set content-type different from text/html
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2004 06:50:38 GMT
> I think the problem is here - you don't have any mod_perl handlers set up
> for / - mod_include is probably handling this request.
>     AddHandler server-parsed .html
>     <Location "/Go">
>         SetHandler perl-script
>         PerlHandler Camelia::Exec::Retail
>         PerlSetEnv PERL5LIB "/hosts/"
>         # tried on and off
>         PerlSendHeader off
>     </Location>
> --Geoff

Yes, that actually was the problem. When i do
GET /Go HTTP/1.1
i get correct conetnt-type. But now i am totaly lost on how
to configure apache to do what I want it to do.

Here is what I need Apache to do:

URL /cgi-bin/* must execute plain cgi scripts (no mod-perl)
example: /cgi-bin/download

URL /Go must run mod_perl handler
example: /Go/ProductList/cid=3

URL /static and /images must get the static files from some directories
(*.jpg, *.gif, ..etc)
example: /static/about.html
example: /images/logo.gif

ALL OTHER URLS (/....) must go to the mode_perl handler
example: /ProductList/cid=3
example: /click

Any idea how to configure apache to do it?


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