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From "Egor Shipovalov" <>
Subject Debugging with Apache::DB: how to disable unneeded debug output?
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2004 05:49:21 GMT
Hello, Everyone.

I'm pretty sure it's a stupid question and I'll be ashamed when I hear the
answer, but every once in a while we all get stuck with such.

I'm debugging my mod_perl/Mason application interactively using Apache::DB.
While everything seem to work as advertised, I get a lot of unneeded console
output from httpd. Looks like it's reporting every subroutine and eval call:

er=HASH(0x8b5d800)') called at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/HTML/Mason/ line 792
0x8b5eec8)','Apache=SCALAR(0x8222880)') called at
/projects/exile/perl_lib/Exile/ line 32
Exile::Handler::handler('Apache=SCALAR(0x8222880)') called at /dev/null line
eval {...} called at /dev/null line 0

Is there a way to disable this level of reporting? I tried to unset about
every debugger option, but it didn't help. I'm assuming it's not a Mason
thing since it's reporting calls to my main Perl handler as well
(, at which point Mason isn't yet in control (I setup and call
Mason from Perl handler, not from httpd.conf).

My configuration:
Apache 1.3.28, mod_perl 1.99, Mason 1.25, Perl 5.8.1, RedHat Linux 9 on
httpd is run with -X

In httpd.conf:

PerlSetEnv PERL5OPT "-d"
PerlSetEnv PERLDB_OPTS "NonStop=1 AutoTrace=0 frame=0"
 use Apache::DB ();
PerlFixupHandler Apache::DB

Best regards,
Egor Shipovalov. 

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