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From <>
Subject Mod Perl + Apache Error logs, extend DBILogger
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2004 21:51:08 GMT
I don't know if this is possible or not, but I took parts of DBILogger and wanted to extend
what I could
do with it.  What I would like to do is for a given request to a cgi program (or mason) if
the script causes
an internal error (which should not happen in production, but does) I would like to capture
the parameters
that were called from the cgi form so that later on I can look to see what cgi program it
was that caused
the problems and what parameters the user used to cause the problem.
So far what I have works, except for getting information from $r->content(), what I have
done is placed the
directive "PerlLogHandler Apache::ErrorLogger" which calls the script below, which is placing
into the logfile.  The $r->args() call works, when I place parameters in the URL after
the '?' it does get this
information.  What I really need though is the content in the content() call.
The form does have 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' in the form tag.  Is the content()
not coming through
because apache redirects to the error page ?  
package Apache::ErrorLogger;
use strict;
use Apache::Constants qw( :common );
use Apache::Log;
use Apache::Request;
use Date::Format; 
sub handler {
        my $r = shift->last;
        my $s = $r->server;
        my $c = $r->connection;
        my %data = (
                    'host'      => "xrayfish-ssl",
                    'server'    => $s->server_hostname,
                    'bytes'     => $r->bytes_sent,
                    'filename'  => $r->filename || '',
                    'remotehost'=> $c->remote_host || '',
                    'remoteip'  => $c->remote_ip || '',
                    'status'    => $r->status || '',
                    'urlpath'   => $r->uri || '',
                    'referer'   => $r->header_in("Referer") || '',
                    'useragent' => $r->header_in('User-Agent') || '',
                    'timeserved'=> time2str("%Y-%m-%d %X", time),
                    'contenttype' => $r->content_type || ''
        my $content = $r->content();
        my $args = $r->args();
        $data{usertrack} = $r->notes('cookie') || '';
        my $error_msg =  %data->{'host'}." >^..^< ".%data->{'server'}." >^..^<
                         %data->{'bytes'}." >^..^< ".%data->{'filename'}." >^..^<
                         %data->{'remotehost'}." >^..^< ".%data->{'remoteip'}."
>^..^< ".
                         %data->{'status'}." >^..^< ".%data->{'urlpath'}." >^..^<
                         %data->{'referer'}." >^..^< ".%data->{'useragent'}."
>^..^< ".
                         %data->{'timeserved'}." >^..^< ".%data->{'contenttype'}."
>^..^< ".
                         %data->{'usertrack'}." >^..^< ".$content." args ".$args;

        if($r->status eq '500')
          # Bomb is just a generic error logger that sends this information to the specified
          &Bomb({display=>0, footer=>0, level=>3,  exit=>0, output=>'text',
                       error=>"Internal Server Error >^..^< $error_msg",
        return OK;

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