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Subject Re: perl sections howto?
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 22:36:01 GMT
I resend the mail, as is not the best free mail out there (since
was bought by it's a disaster) now i send from my mail-job, i wish
mails will be better.

I'm doing tests, these are my results:


- Without a <PERL> section in httpd.conf, most of sites i have (in
localhost) do not work (message: Forbidden), but there is one that yes it
This site is different from all the others, it doesn't have the next
directives that all other sites have (inside directory hash):

PerlHeaderParserHandler => "Blogum::BlogumHeaders",
AddOutputFilter => "INCLUDES .bhtml .html",
Files => {
    "*.bhtml" => {
          PerlOutputFilterHandler => "Blogum::BlogumFilter",


- With a <PERL> section inside the httpd.conf (a section containing a
directory hash, with no one of those directives mentioned above), i have all
the sites working.


- With the directive in httpd.conf
PerlTransHandler +Blogum::BlogumURI
All sites still continue working


- With the directive in .pl file
$PerlTransHandler = "+Blogum::BlogumURI";
having erased the httpd.conf directive or not, i have the same problems as
before, only one site works, that that have no one of those directives
mentioned before.


Then, first question is clear, that directive in .pl file is correct?? And,
any idea about the behaviour commented before?? Thanks! 

>what would it take for people to play nice on this list and truncate those
>silly quote-the-whole-thread at the bottom mess/waste? :( Think about
>those people who are going to reuse the archives. And it can be you at
>some point.
>Please truncate! Thanks.

Was this message to me? (because i don't understant very well the meaning,
english questions (sight))

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