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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: perl sections howto?
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 21:06:55 GMT
Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
>>You mean you have moved the contents of that <Perl> section to a perl file and

>>expect it to work? It has no idea what %main::Location is. It needs to be in 
>>the special Apache::ReadConfig namespace. like:
>>   $Apache::ReadConfig::Location{....
>>though I think Philippe has changed things recently and I'm not sure whether 
>>the above will work.
> Yes, this is still the way to do it for now. It should be considered
> somewhat deprecated, but still works. 

BTW, should one load Apache::PerlSections if they don't use <Perl>, but 
$Apache::ReadConfig::? If they don't trigger that load of Apache::PerlSections 
(Which happen automatically on <Perl>) their config will be ignored, no?

>>Philippe, what's the current state of things with perl section namespaces, 
>>when people want to add config from perl, rather than <Perl> sections? Should

>>they do something like:
>>   my $file = __FILE__;
>>   my $namespace = "Apache::ReadConfig\::$file";
>>   ${"$namespace\::Location"}{foo} = {...};
>>We need to document this issue.
> No need for this, really.  In the near future, playing directly with
> %Apache::ReadConfig:: _will_ be deprecated and issue a warning of some
> sort. But before that will happen, there will be a nice way to feed
> hashes-like configuration like:
> $Location{'~ .*log$'} = {
>        SetHandler => "perl-script",
>        PerlResponseHandler => "Blogum::UserLog",
>        PerlOptions => "+ParseHeaders",
>        Allow => "from all",
>        };
> Apache::PerlSection->read_hash(\%Location);
> See the full thread about this future feature here:

Aha, right, I forgot about this new cool feature ;) What would it take to 
convert the above thread into real docs? People can't benefit from the code 
they don't know how to take the advantage of.

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