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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [mp2] build problem mod_perl-1.99_12 and "make install DESTDIR"
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 23:52:45 GMT
Matthew Darwin wrote:
> Well, presumably it points to the directory where it gets installed. 
> However, I haven't installed it yet because I need to compile mod_perl.
> (My runtime machine doesn't have a compiler).
> If that variable is changed, then how would apxs find things after I tar 
> it up (not that I use it after it is in the correct location).

It's your problem, since you created it. apxs is configured at build time. 
After you have installed httpd, if you move files around you must adjust apxs 
to point to their new location. This is something that any distributor of 
apache needs to worry about.

Really what you (or any other distributor) need to do is to adjust the files 
under build/ ( and may be others), which apxs gets the info 
from. And you need to adjust apxs to point to the new location as well. Since 
you move everything to a new directory, it should be an easy 'perl -pi -e 
's|||' build/* bin/apxs', may be a few other files as well.

If apxs is not giving us the correct information about httpd, we can't build 

> I'm happy to open a apache bug.

Thanks. I won't be surprised if the answer (if you ever get one) will be - 
don't do this (change the install target after the build). But may be I'm 

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