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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Run script for directory index
Date Sun, 11 Jan 2004 20:42:59 GMT
Chris Faust wrote:
> Hey All,
> I'm trying to have my MP2 script that displays HTML run when someone hits
> the docroot ( It may be considered somewhat
> off-topic, but when using standard CGI I didn't have any problems doing
> this by just having:
> "DirectoryIndex /cgi-bin/index.cgi"
> But I can't seem to accomplish the same thing using MP2 while still being
> able to define other dirs (like a image dir)..
> Here is a trimmed example of my conf file, If I change the <Location
> /index> to just <Location />, I'll get the results I want when hitting the
> docroot, but then anything else defined (like the images), just invokes my
> MP2 handler.
> Can someone tell me what I'm missing here? Running MP2, Apache 2 on RH9
 > <Location "/index">
 >         SetHandler perl-script
 >         PerlHandler INDEX::Index
 >  DirectoryIndex /index
 > </Location>
 > Alias /images "/websites/domain/site_root/html/images/"
 > <Directory "/websites/domain/html/images">
 >         Order allow,deny
 >         Allow from all
 > </Directory>

I think you simply miss:
    SetHandler default-handler
when overriding / in the /images container.

If it still doesn't work, I'd suspect a bug in merging rules. What happens if
you use either two Location containers or two Directory containers and not
mixing them?

<Location "/">
         SetHandler perl-script
         PerlHandler INDEX::Index
Alias /images "/websites/domain/site_root/html/images/"
<Location "/images">
         SetHandler default-handler
         Order allow,deny
         Allow from all

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