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From Ask Bjørn Hansen <>
Subject Re: Apache::DBI tests failing
Date Sat, 10 Jan 2004 02:03:37 GMT

On Dec 30, 2003, at 8:21 AM, Geoffrey Young wrote:

> but the connection cache mechanism has always seemed rather funky - 
> when we
> were writing about Apache::DBI for the cookbook, I remember some issues
> between Win32 and linux that randy and I were having when it came to
> emulating the connect-string cache.  this is what leads me to believe 
> that
> Apache::DBI (at least as it existed then) relied on non-random hash
> behavior.

It did, but that was fixed in 0.89 in June 2002.  :-)

          - fix bug that occasionally made Apache::DBI connect several
           times to the database even when DSN and attributes were the

0.93 will fix the failing tests.  The module itself works fine in 0.92 
as well, it's only the test that is failing.

  - ask


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