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Subject Re: Trying to install Apache::Request - a Linux n00b
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 21:45:36 GMT
>> Running RH9, I have apache 1.3 (latest version that's not 2) and
>> mod_perl 1.29 installed, both successfully, as far as I can tell
> Compiled from source by you?

Yup, compiled using the instructions shown here: .

>> I'm trying to install Apache::Request for Bricolage, I couldn't find 
>> it
>> on the perl website, so I did a search for it. Which turned up the
>> libapreq package, that includes Apache::Request. But when I try to 
>> perl
>> Makefile.PL, it says I don't have mod_perl installed, on the basis 
>> that
>> it can't locate
> What version of libapreq are you trying?

I tried both 1.0 and 1.3, same result.

> - Perrin


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