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From "Douglas Andrik Russel Antonio Chet Morales" <>
Subject Help Needed
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 18:42:07 GMT
Hi everyone, i'm asking for help,
i'm a newbie trying to install mod perl, I'm using win 98, active perl 5.6.0
build 624, Apache 1.3.12 and Apache 2.0.48 with apxs. and i've not been able
to install mod perl, neither by using the packages on,
neither by using packages on

i also hat to fix an error on the script used to configure apxs, i
guess it's only for win users, the error was on the line that tried to guess
the version, there was an blank char left outside.

well, i couldn't install de mod_perl neither by the binaries, neither by
packages, neither by cpan, nothing seems to work, for versi├│n 1.99 i need
perl 8, but the others, i don't know whats going wrong.

i tried downloading the available in both places, and put them
under the modules directory, trying to load them on the httpd.conf by using
the line LoadModule perl_module modules/

when i try to run the apache.exe for the 1.3.12 version, it says
Syntax error on line 188 of c:/archivos de programa/apache
Cannot load c:/archivos de programa/apache group/apache/modules/

C:\Archivos de programa\Apache Group\Apache>

then, for apache 2.0.48 it displays this
Syntax error on line 162 of C:/Apache2/conf/httpd.conf:
Cannot load C:/Apache2/modules/ into server: No se puede hallar
uno de los archivos de biblioteca necesarios para ejecutar esta aplicaci┬żn.
(basically, it says that i cannot find a library needed to run this
aplication.  i used a special tool, and found that the only libs it needed
were perl56.dll, ApacheCore.dll, MSVCRT.dll and kernel32.dll

so, i tried to load the libs before trying to load mod_perl, but it said
always the same, any help?? i read everything i could get on my hands, but
still not finding an answer.

thank you for your help.

Excuse my bad english, actually, i'm a spanish speaker.

i gave it a last try, i used some more scripts, and it doen't work, thanks
for your help

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