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From "semuel" <>
Subject RE: [mp2] Documentation - newbie questions
Date Sat, 10 Jan 2004 23:22:54 GMT
From: Stas Bekman 
Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2004 10:52 PM
>> 2. In the handlers lists, please include the name of the object that the
>> handler is getting as parameter. 
> Which lists you are talking about, please give us the direct URL.

At the beginning of every handler, there is a "$r=shift" line.
And what is missing is an "$r is ..." comment.
Like in the response handler. Like in every other.

>> That is because I looked, and couldn't decide whether
>> PerlResponseHandler is
>> getting Apache::RequestRec or Apache::RequestIO.
> There is no Apache::RequestIO object, there is only Apache::RequestRec.
> Apache::RequestIO is a class that contains some methods operating on 
> Apache::RequestRec, and which you need to load in before you can use them.

Oh. You mean that RequestIO adds the content_type and the print functions to
the $r object, that is RequestRec? Interesting. 
The $r->print syntax confused me. Ok.
Can you please add a paragraph in the RequestRec documentation that says:

"This class represent the request arrived from the browser, and the response
that your program is about to send. Other classes operate on this object,
and if you can not find a method, try looking at them:
... insert here the list ...
For example, Apache::RequestIO provide the ability to write a response,
using a "content_type" function, that is activated using:

And in the classes please add:
"This class provides additional functionality to the Apache::RequestRec
object. The syntax for using the functions is:
$r-><relevant example function name>(<relevant parameters>)
Where $r is an Apache::RequestRec object."

>> 3. Apache::RequestIO does not exist it the documentation. (at the line 
>> in 1)
> what's (at the line in 1)?

Oops. That was suppose to be "at the link in 1", namely:
the RequestIO does not exist there.

> Yes, there are many missing and incomplete manpages. Please send patches.

If I knew enough to correct your man page, I would not have asked these
(that I'm sure that they are) stupid questions. 
But I don't. all I can do is to point on something and to say, what did you
mean there? 

Well, while I'm around, here are some more:
4. The Apache package itself, doesn't have place in the API page. (same
page) but it does exist, as can be seen at:
(where it use the Apache::DECLINED and Apache::method_register.

5. Apache::Connection, APR::UUID, APR::Pool doesn't appear in the API page.


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