Ok compare:
== w/Reply-To "munged"
1) Left click on from line, copy
2) hit reply, replace list email w/sender email
3) type away
== w/out reply to, reply to whole list
1) hit reply, DOH! reply all
2) cut out senders email address or he gets duplicate mails (YES I DONT WANT TO READ IT TWICE!)
3) type away
Seems the "common" case is easier in the "munged" way, and MUCH harder in the normal way.  It's a mail list, mail lists aren't normal email, reply-to munging is not as bad as that article made it out to be.
I'll shut-up now since I started this thread (and have been reading duplicate if you didn't notice).

"Randal L. Schwartz" <merlyn@stonehenge.com> wrote:
>>>>> "Douglas" == Douglas Theobald writes:

Douglas> All the other lists automatically put the list email address
Douglas> in the Reply-to: of the distributed posts, thus making
Douglas> replying to the list the default. Couldn't that be changed
Douglas> for modperl?

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