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From Charlie Garrison <>
Subject Re: Ticket/cookie based authentication for mod_perl and static frontend
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 02:59:42 GMT
Good afternoon,

On 27/8/03 at 9:45 AM -0400, Michael <> wrote:

>> Any other suggestions? 
>I'd think you'd want to have the same authentication process for both, and a
>shared database (or something) to store the session data.  Have the front-end
>do the login part, pass the client to the backend, which discovers that the
>client is already authenticated.

Using tickets for authentication will work with both the front and backend
servers. I was having problems finding a solution which had an apache module
(written in C) plus support/examples for perl to use in the backend. With
thanks to Cees Hek <> I found mod_auth_tkt which does
just what I need.

   Charlie Garrison
   PO Box 141, Windsor, NSW 2756, Australia 

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