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From Udo Rader <>
Subject installing Apache::Test via CPAN impossible as root
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2003 12:56:59 GMT
hi all,

I'm trying to setup Apache::Test with our apaches and have run into major 

CPAN refuses to install the mod without force, because all tests completely 
fail. t/logs/error_log then contained error messages like these:

[Tue Aug 26 14:23:47 2003] [error] [client] (13)Permission denied: 
access to /index.html failed because search permissions are missing on a 
component of the path 

never saw such an apache error message ... ? search permissions are 
missing ? what kind of stuff is that?

But a google search quickly pointed me to the source of the problem:
In a default linux & perl installation Apache::Test is very unlikely
to be installable by root (

I tried to make && make test the package as a "normal" user and I succeded.
Depending on my security settings this is however just luck:

If the above posting on dbforums is correct, then the problem is because
the unpacking and building is done by user root whereas all files below t/
are chowned to the actual apache test user.

Now this works fine as long as the _apache test user_ is allowed to access
root's .cpan build area at all, and I doubt that on most systems a normal
user (such as the apache test user) will be allowed to access anything
within ~root and thus "make test" will fail.

Are there arguments against running those tests as root?

for the record:
get this for apache 1.3.28 and mp1.28 as well as with apache 2.0.47 and 


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