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From Andrew Ho <>
Subject [Slightly OT] Port forwarding (Was: How to restart the root server from within modperl?)
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 06:41:24 GMT

ML>If you absolutely need to be in port 80, either setup a simple 
ML>lightweight apache on port 80 as a reverse proxy (see the mod_perl 
ML>guide) or, even simpler, do some port forwarding from port 80 to your 
ML>high port of choice.

Has anybody had very good experiences using a simple port forwarder in a
production setup? We had a somewhat bad experience with using portfwd
under Solaris (images and other binary data got randomly corrupted, and we
never got around to figuring out why), and I'm wondering what others use
instead. It seems like the port forwarder involved would also be important
performance wise.

The applications I am typically interested in are forwarding ports on the
same interface (like the port 80 example here) as well as between
interfaces (or between external interfaces and loopback).



Andrew Ho     
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