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From "Frank Maas" <>
Subject RE: unsetting PerlTransHandler
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 11:48:11 GMT
> I'm wondering why it is impossible?

I am not exactly sure here, but I think this is because a TransHandler
is definitely not allowed inside a <Directory> or <File> container. And
since Apache does not make the distinction between containers (it uses
the constant RSRC_CONF to disallow a directive from being in (all) 
containers) <Location> is the innocent victim here.

> For now I have implemented that particular case by

Wouldn't this be simpler?

|PerlTransHandler MyPackage::transhandler
|<Location ...>
|  PerlSetVar SkipTransHandler 1
|package MyPackage;
|sub transhandler {
|return DECLINED if $r->dir_config('SkipTransHandler');


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