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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: PATCH porting.pod "First Mystery"
Date Sat, 30 Aug 2003 05:14:38 GMT wrote:
> In private mail Stas Bekman <> writes:
>>oops, that should be the modperl list... at modperl-docs we discuss
>>mostly site/docs techical issues and there are very few people on this
>>list to get enough exposure for this kind of feedback request.
> Patch for "The First Mystery" section of the mod_perl porting guide as
> per my conversation with Stas at YAPC::Europe::2003.
> Takes out the suggestion of creating a Perl4-style library in the same
> directory as a means to port CGI scripts.
> Replaces it with something simpler and more reliable.

Nice, but:

 > +The easiest and the fastest way to solve the nested subroutines
 > +problem is to change C<my> to C<local> C<our> for all variables for
 > +which you get the warning.  The C<handler> subroutines are never
 > +  local our $counter = 0;

local our? That should be either local or our, but not both. Do I miss something?

The rest looks good, but that's not the simplest solution as you have to 
modify the variables. Granted, the original "simplest" solution has its troubles.

> I've also changed "If you put your code into a library or module..."
> to "If you put all your code into modules..." because if you put your
> code into a Perl4-style library and then require it in more than one
> registry script terrible things happen.  I don't think this is the
> place to explain this so I think the guide should just say "modules"
> and leave it at that.  
> Probably the library problem should be explained elsewhere in the
> guide.
> Once this one is sorted out, a patch for perl_reference.pod will follow.

Sure, sounds good to me.

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