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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: syntax error ... near "compile qw(:common)"
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 04:52:32 GMT
Harold Martin wrote:
>>Sorry Harold, it doesn't work this way. You ask for help, I ask you for the 
>>additional details as described at, instead you 
>>dump on us 80k of code.
> Sorry, I attached the code but my mail program must've converted it into
> inline text. 

No, no, it was attached just fine. By 'dumping' I meant that we need a simple 
short code sample if possible. Reviewing 80k of code is not an option, unless 
we can reproduce the problem easily, which wasn't the case. Probably getting 
you to use the latest cvs will make it easier to have a similar env.

>>I understand that you may not be able to write a short 
>>script since you aren't familiar with that code, but at least sending the 
>>output of t/REPORT is the least you have to do.
> Output of mp2bug it *attached* to this message (if it includes it inline again I'll email
the developers).

Much better, however unfortunately older versions of mod_perl 2.0's mp2bug 
weren't including the mp version number, so I still can't tell what version 
you are on (not your fault ;). The cvs version's mp2bug does the right thing.

>>Nevertheless I did try the attached files and I can't reproduce this problem 
>>with the latest cvs. Try upgrading your mod_perl to the latest cvs version, I 
>>have no idea which version you have.
> I'll use that ASAP.

Ok, looking forward for you updated report if you still have the problem with 
the cvs version. Make sure to send the complete error message so we can map 
the line number to the offending code in the module.

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