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From Chris Winters <>
Subject ANNOUNCE: OpenInteract 1.60 released
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2003 01:25:56 GMT
A new version (1.60) of OpenInteract has been released. OpenInteract
is an extensible web application server built on Apache, mod_perl, 
the Template Toolkit and SPOPS object persistence.

This release includes a handful of fairly small enhancements, 
including the ability to force everyone to login before seeing any 
part of your site. HTTP redirects (vs. using icky META tags in HTML) 
are also supported, and under certain circumstances we now force the 
Apache child into a premature death.


Detailed changes:

It's also winging its way around CPAN.



PS: Most of these changes were actually in 1.59 but 1.60 was a 
release of the oops-fifteen-minutes-later variety.

Chris Winters (
Building enterprise-capable snack solutions since 1988.

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