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From Aleksandr Guidrevitch <>
Subject Re: Apache::Session
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 16:31:50 GMT
Hi, All

What have you used to stip out that stuff ? I've reviewied 
HTML::StripScripts, but it seems to be very slow. I've also
considered HTML::Filter to do that but I'm also affraid that 
HTML::Parser is not the fastest thing on the earth, even though
it will be invoked once during initial submission.

Could you also advise on this "safe" subset of html you use ?


Patrick Galbraith wrote:
> Strip out stuff that could be problematic. This is what we did with 
> Slash. We strip out javascript or any tag that can be problematic, or be 
> used even to break the layout of the page. It'll make you're life much 
> easier ;) Take this from someone who coded tons of features to ward off 
> trolls!

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