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From Christopher Grau <>
Subject Re: Mod_perl how to include the result of mod_autoindex?
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 16:12:24 GMT
On Mon, Aug 11, 2003 at 08:37:19AM -0700, Coexec wrote:
> The end user will submit a form.  One of the values in
> that form will be a path on the local web server.  So
> in the return of the CGI, I want to include the
> results of Apache's autoindex.  I cannot figure out
> how to do it.  If I could pass a variable from a CGI
> to an SSI, the problem would be solved, but I do not
> believe that it is possible.  I have been looking at
> Apache::SSI and Apache::AutoIndex but I don't think I
> can get them to do what I need.  Does anyone have any
> suggestions or recommendations?

You could probably issue a subrequest in a CGI program running under
Apache::Registry, though I'm unsure how to go about capturing the output
of a subrequest.  However, it would probably be easier to use
Apache::Filter with your own Perl handler:

PerlModule Apache::Filter
PerlModule Apache::Icon
PerlModule Apache::AutoIndex
PerlModule Apache::MyHandler

<Location /addindex>
  PerlSetVar Filter On

  SetHandler perl-script
  PerlTransHandler Apache::AutoIndex::transhandler
  PerlHandler Apache::AutoIndex Apache::MyHandler

Then your handler can take the output of Apache::AutoIndex and do whatever
it likes to it in the same manner as Apache::SSI.  The perldoc for
Apache::Filter shows you just how to do this.


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