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From Dirk Lutzebaeck <>
Subject Re: How to restart the root server from within modperl?
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 09:52:38 GMT

Martin Langhoff writes:
 >  >>how can I restart the root httpd server from within modperl?
 > Use `at` to schedule it a minute in the future -- effectively forking it.

Yes, also thought of that but the smallest unit of 'at' is minutes and
I want to restart the server immediately.

 > Note that normally apache starts as root and runs as an unprivileged 
 > user. If this is the case you _can_ achieve it using a suid wrapper or 
 > sudo, but you'll risk opening a very serious security hole in the 
 > system. So don't. Instead, run apache as a regular user, on a high port.

I used sudo.


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