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From Christian Hauser <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Mason-CM 1.2, code optimization
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2003 12:24:44 GMT
Some small things that needed to be updated. The end user
of version 1.1 wouldn't realize a big change in the behavior.
Although I strongly recommend to install the version 1.2, as
it provides a lot of little corrections, not only in
functionality, but also in display and design.

I have to admit, that the file / has been 
forgotten in the release 1.1, which had been downloaded 58
times. The present mason-cm-1.1.tar.gz is now complete. 
Of course it makes more sense to upgrade to 1.2.

    Mason-CM is a web content management system built on Apache/
    mod_perl. It's optimized arbitrary any file based web productions.
    It’s optimized to manage multiple sites of SMB’s together with
    multiple graphic designer companies or professional content

     - Removed the usage of File::PathConvert::realpath
       which has been set as deprecated
     - Centralized check method for not fiddling up the path
       of a branch via manual changed query strings instead
       of having the same code over and over
     - Rewrote the copyFile.comp
     - Fixed wrong error message while copying or moving
     - Optimized the internal error stack
     - More precise installing instructions
     - Bulk Trigger, which is still not working, is not
       showed when there is no productive area

    Visit the web site of Mason-CM:
    Try the online demo:
       ID: demo
       PWD: demo
    Download the tarball or browse CVS:

    Find documentation files on installation,
    changes, configuration ...

Enjoy, Christian  -  -

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