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From Perrin Harkins <>
Subject Re: Odd Reload Behavior
Date Sun, 17 Aug 2003 16:15:10 GMT
On Sat, 2003-08-16 at 01:46, Cory 'G' Watson wrote:
> %somehash = ();
> This declaration is outside of any subroutines.

Okay, so your subs that refer to it are now closures.  That could be
part of the issue.  If you make %somehash a real global, it might help.

> I re-attacked this problem by adding a caller() check in App, and it 
> proved to me that App was indeed being loaded twice.  Once by my 
> (use App ();), and _again_ by an eval.  caller() couldn't 
> point me to the spot of code that was doing this, other than telling me 
> it was a 'require App;'.  I started flipping switches and localized it 
> to PerlFreshRestart being on.  When I turn it off, the eval() happens 
> _before_ my use() and subsequence call to App->load().

Well, first of all, you're just asking for trouble if you turn on
PerlFreshRestart.  Don't do it.

Do you hava anything like a PerlModule App in your httpd.conf?  You
haven't actually shown us your real conf, startup, or code, so I'm just
guessing here.

Are you no longer having problems now that you turned off

- Perrin

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