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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Combining authen-handler with mod_auth
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 17:06:59 GMT

> Thanks!
> I guess that may be possible, but somewhat problematic since I like to
> stay with the distros apache-version. Btw, I remember seeing something
> about APR_HOOK_(LAST|FIRST|...) in the docs on Not
> implemented yet?

I'm not sure what docs you're thinking about, but that change should 
be ok.  I know that I'm using those constants in some XS and all is ok.

> I think a lot of interesting password policies could be implemented if
> it was possible to run perl-code before and after existing
> authentication modules. Is it feasible to add this to the current
> mod_perl as a runtime option?

runtime is not likely to be possible.  I'm considering a patch that 
would make the hook behavior configurable as a compile-time option, 
however - modperl_hooks.c is autogenerated during the config process, 
so it should be trivial to change the hook order without folks like 
you needing to patch the code yourself.


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