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From "Andrew Alakozow" <>
Subject Re: Apache::Session::Lock::File hangs under Windows
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 06:26:54 GMT

 PH> On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 07:29, Andrew Alakozow wrote:
>> Apache::Session::Lock::File hangs under Windows if you try to remove
>> session or add data to existing session. This happenes because you
>> cannot "flock($self->{fh}, LOCK_EX)" if you already has
>> "flock($self->{fh}, LOCK_SH)" in Windows.

PH> Under mod_perl 1, there is no need to use locking on Win32 since
PH> mod_perl runs single-threaded there.
I write code that should work on both Unix and Win. More compatible libs I
use, less branching I need in my code. Now it's mod_perl 1, but I'll have to
move it to mod_perl 2 someday.

PH> This patch might be useful for mod_perl 2 on Win32, but LOCK_UN is
PH> tricky.  Have you seen this?
Apache::Session::Lock::File doesn't put any data in lock files.

IMHO, this lib should be patched or contain alarm about Windows, but it
shouldn't just hang. It was first time I've run perl -d on purpose. %)

BTW, 'clean' method of this model hangs as well.


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