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From "Marc M. Adkins" <>
Subject RE: Handler attributes
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 08:06:00 GMT
> Don't worry, I'm pretty sure that my patch fixes the problem. It
> was obviously
> different from the execution order on non-vhost server.

I just updated mod_perl using (as described on  Now I've got mod_perl/1.99_10-dev, which has the same
loading order problem (I was running 199_9-dev earlier today).  I'll try to
remember to check back on this periodically and confirm the fix.

> As for M$ building probs, consider getting an unix flavor OS, I
> have heard
> people reporting good results with using vmware if you can't
> afford dropping M$.

Actually, I have Mandrake Linux running on a separate partition, but all my
email and useful utilities are on Windows so I don't boot over all that
often.  I used to have a separate Linux machine but when the wife spilled
coffee in the laptop I had to give up my Linux box for her use.  Heavy sigh.

> While you work through the filter docs, if you have any
> suggestions please
> mentions those. doc patches to improve language, clarity, etc.
> are very welcome.

I'd been thinking of doing some of the boilerplate fill-in that is needed.
Like there is a fairly useful set of tutorial-type doc on handlers but the
methods for Apache::RequestRec and Apache::Filter and other classes are
still blank.  Is this stuff in the source tree (which I don't have right
now)?  If so I could maybe fill in the few of the easy ones (that I may
actually understand) and send in patches.


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